CARS realises its publishing programme focused on two types of publications: non-serial publications (individual and collective books) as well as scientific periodicals.

Within the ‘Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs’ series, CARS published books dealing with competition and consumer protection as well as pro-competitive and pro-consumer sector-specific regulation. CARS Working Papers are focused on the same subjects.

CARS publishes also two scientific periodicals: the English-language Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (YARS), which is released both in a paper version as well as online, as well as the Polish-language internet Antimonopoly and Regulatory Quarterly (iKAR) published in an electronic version only. Our periodicals are indexed in scientific databases including Scopus (YARS).

Our publications are available to download in their electronic form and used according to open-access rules on the basis of a Creative Commons 4.0 Polska license.

The paper version of our publications can be ordered via ‘Księgarnia Wydziałowa Tomasz Biel’, 02-678 Warszawa, ul. Szturmowa 3; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; +48 501 367 976.