Research and Expert Opinions

CARS conducts research as well as development and implementation projects, prepares expert opinions in the area of competition and consumer protection and pro-competitive sector-specific regulation focusing primarily on infrastructure sectors (transport, energy, telecommunications) and special sectors (financial services, the audiovisual field and pharmaceuticals). This is mainly legal, economic and interdisciplinary research.

CARS activities cover statutory and individual research conducted by the Faculty of Management UW and its members. Part of the research undertaken by CARS is conducted within projects financed by external Polish entities such as the National Science Centre or are based on EU grants. CARS conducts also research projects commissioned by public institutions (such as sectoral regulators).

An important addition to CARS’s scientific activities can be associated with its Laboratories, which focus on particular economic sectors.

Within this area, CARS offers also advisory services provided to public institutions and companies. Expert opinions prepared by CARS are public in nature (that is, they are made available on the CARS website).

Moreover, CARS offers access to its library located in its headquarters at the Faculty of Management UW.