• Project title: Airport services in the European Union and Poland – antitrust law and regulatory conditions
  • Type of project: commissioned (‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise)
  • Project coordinators: Dr. Agata Jurkowska, Dr. Dariusz Kaliński, Dr. Igor Komarnicki, Dr. Michał Kozłowski, Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki, Dr. Michał Mijal, Witold Piechota, Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny, Aleksandra Wąsowska, Anna Żebrowska-Dreger
  • Execution time: July – October 2009

Usługi portów lotniczych w Unii Europejskiej i w Polsce a prawo konkurencji i regulacje lotniskowe

The research project – the first within the cooperation of CARS and ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise – was completed in 2009 by members of staff of the Faculty of Management and the ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise. It covered selected problems of the functioning of airports – considered as a sum of airport infrastructure and airport services. The project focused on the definition of airports service markets as well as the conditions of providing airports services under EU and Polish competition law (application of antitrust, merger control and state aids rules to airport services) and airport regulation law (concerning distribution of traffic between airports, airport charges slots, ground handling and environment protection). Relations between ownership and management of airports were also cover.

The research was carried out with an emphasis on acts, draft acts and other documents such as reports commissioned by the European Commission within the so called ‘Airport Package’ accepted by the Commission in January 2007 and covering key airport managment issues in Europe in the context of their growing meaning for air transport.

The research report was published as the 5th book in the ‘Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs’ series.

F. Czernicki, T. Skoczny (eds), Airport Services in the European Union and Poland – competition law and airports regulations,University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press, Warsaw 2010.


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