Type of activity: Training
Title: Limits of economic activity of telecommunications operator from a perspective of competition law and conusmers’ interests
Sector: Telecommunications
Trainers: Att. Małgorzata Modzelewska de Raad, Att. Piotr Paśnik, Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny
Duration: 12 h (September 2007)
Number of participants: around 50

A training course was organized by CARS and the law firm Wierzbowski Eversheds for a number of employees of the department of regulation and the department of promotion of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

Scope of the training:
1. Position and activity of a dominant telecommunications operator from the perspective of competition law
2. Prohibited unilateral practices of a dominant telecommunications operator:

a. Tying and bundling products in its offers
b. Granting loyalty rebates for clients
c. Applying predatory prices, mainly in promotions and tenders
d. Clauses of exclusivity
e. Price discrimination
f. ‘Margin squeeze’
g. Refusal to deal
3. Information and advertising as an ‘infringement of collective consumer interests’ or ‘unfair market practice’:
a. Unfair, misleading advertising
b. Significance of ‘credible, true and full information’
c. Unfair competition practices constituting an infringement of collective consumer interests
d. Abusive clauses: examples
e. Unfair market practices: misleading practices, ‘aggressive’ market practices


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